Historical Buildings

Exterior Painting and Restoration: Careful surface preparation is a critical part of maintaining the health and appearance of antique surfaces. For historical buildings this includes scraping, sanding, and chemically treating aged paint, power washing, cosmetic repair of gaps and cracks and light carpentry to replace deteriorated wood shingles, clapboards, shutters, and other features. We are experienced in the proper way to prepare and re-paint surfaces coated with lead-based products. However, Wyman Painting is not a lead paint removal or abatement company.

Re-Glazing Wood-Framed Windows: We can preserve the functionality, appearance, and efficiency of older windows by re-glazing their panes.

Interior Painting and Restoration: Interior painting for historical buildings often means painting or papering over plaster, which cracks as the building settles and stains due to excessive moisture. Wyman Painting can cosmetically repair these problems by filling and sanding cracks and applying high-hiding, bacteria resistant primer over discolored areas.

Wallpapering and Wall-coverings: We are proficient at removing wallpaper and utilizing a variety of wall-coverings for finishing historical buildings.

Wood Refinishing and Restoration: Wyman Painting can restore wood panels, moldings, baseboards and trim to their original glory.

Masonry Painting: Coatings for masonry, garages, basements, and pool/recreational areas enhance the habitability and value of your property. Let us show you which products are best suited for your needs.

Preservation Palettes: Premium architectural paint products are best for historic and traditional buildings. Manufacturers of these paints may offer a historically correct color palette for exterior or interior spaces; these are sometimes called preservation palettes. Wyman Painting can provide you with a manufacturer’s brochure to present the historical colors most accurately.

  • We have been trusted by several adobe building preservation societies within Southern California, as well as, individual historic homeowners.